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Most of us are too busy worrying about what parties we’re attending, gifts for our family and friends, the perfect decorations and food around the holidays, and we tend to neglect ourselves.  I’ve rounded up some of my favourite party-season hair and beauty ideas to help you feel and look your best!  One less thing to worry about, yay!  Xo

  1. Smokey eyes:  A dramatic, bronze/black smokey eye is sure to catch everyone’s attention!  I like winging out the eyeshadow at the outer corners of my eyes and lining my waterline with a black kohl pencil for a more edgy look.

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2.  Rolled-up updo:  If you’re wearing a strapless dress, consider rolling up your hair for an elegant evening look.  I really like the retro and futuristic feel of this style!

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3.  Highlighter:  One of my favourite beauty tips is to highlight the inner corners of my eyes.  It really brightens up tired eyes!  The key is to use a metallic shade that’s close to your complexion.  Since my complexion is fair/olive, I use a champagne/gold colour (or just mix the two together).

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4.  Lashes, lashes, lashes!:  They can be a pain to put on, but I can’t resist the look of these spidery, full lashes.  For special occasions, I first curl my lashes, apply two coats of mascara from roots to tips and then glue some falsies at the outer corners of my eyes.  I use both individuals and half lashes.

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5.  Blackberry stained lips:  Not a look for the faint of heart, but it is divine!  Apply an intense mulled-wine colour on your lips to make a bold statement and stand out from the crowd.  I prefer matte lipsticks because as they fade, it softens to a beautiful stain.

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