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Tamara Mellon’s new book, In My Shoes, couldn’t be more appropriate and fitting for the memoir.  In My Shoe’s gives a candid account of Mellon’s troublesome teenage years to her hard-working days of co-founding the highly recognized brand, Jimmy Choo.

Although Mellon reigns as queen in the fashion industry, her path to royalty has certainly not been easy.  Sadly, Mellon’s childhood was tortured with abuse from her alcoholic mother.  The memoir reveals Mellon’s struggle with drugs as a teenager, which later led to her spending her high school years at a popular rehab facilitation centre. Though her childhood was far from blissful, Mellon doesn’t dwell on her tragic past. Rather, she explains how her less than idyllic youth helped her become a strong, ambitious businesswoman.  Even after Mellon paved her way in the fashion world, becoming the Chief Creative Officer and co-founder of Jimmy Choo, her life still was quite rocky.

In My Shoes gives a realistic portrayal of what it takes to thrive and succeed at the helm of the fashion world.  The memoir also provides an intimate glimpse at Mellon and Choo’s tumultuous relationship.  Her intent is to lightly expose the gilded image of the fashion industry. In a recent interview with Vanity Fair, she stated she penned this book because she “thought no one could really believe what was going on behind the scenes while I was building that brand.”

In My Shoes demonstrates the trials Mellon faced before she finally sold her shares in 2011 for a reported US $135 million. After reading about Mellon’s hardships and struggles, you will more than likely think again about trading shoes with the woman who owns approximately 3,000 pairs.