The charming and sweet blogger Marie, at Le blog de marie, recently nominated me for the “Beautiful Blogger Award” and it came as quite a surprise- a pleasant surprise, of course 🙂  Make sure to check out Marie’s blog!  Thank you, Marie!  What a fabulous start to the week!!! Xo

The Rules:

– Post 7 interesting things about yourself

– Nominate other bloggers who I feel deserve the award

– Let them know about the nomination

7 things about me:

  1. Travel fascinates me!!!  I’ve visited many beautiful, cultural places such as South Africa, India and most recently Turkey.
  2. My heritage is English, Italian and Ukrainian.
  3. I have dual citizenship:  Canadian & English.  When I was little, I spent lots of time visiting my grandparents in London, England.
  4. My favourite cuisine is Italian- love pasta with pesto.
  5. I’m a girly girl but I can’t resist spikes, studs & skulls.
  6. My favourite book is “The Catcher in the Rye” by J.D. Salinger.
  7. High heels are my favourite accessory- especially ones embellished with spikes!

Fabulous blogs I nominate:

1.  Print and Pattern

2.  Trésors De Luxe

3.  Lions and Wolves

4. Chocolates and Raspberries 

5.  Ann Novek- With The Sky As The Ceiling and The Heart Outdoors

6.  Cat Forsley

7.  I Love Green Inspiration

8.  Bei Love Bei

9.  Oxygen Your Style

10.  Anna in Her Wonderland

11.  Fiammisday

12.  His Fashion Blog

13.  Girly Queen

14.  Yasmincruz!

15.  Glamorously Defined

Have a lovely week!  P.S. Follow me on Instagram @askmystyle